Scrap car prices in the UK 2022

Are you searching for the average scrap car prices in the UK 2022? Do you want to get cash for that old damaged car in your driveway and looking for ways to get rid of it in the UK? Then this is your detailed guide to get the job done!

What is the average scrap car prices in the UK 2022

According to the, the average scrap car prices in the UK 2022 ranges between £185 – £230 per tonne. So the higher the weight of your vehicle, the more value you get from it’s sale.

List of the average scrap car prices in the UK 2022

Car model Price in Euros

Volvo V70 243
Volkswagen polo 251
Vauxhall Zafira 201
Vauxhall vectra 264
Vauxhall corsa 227
Vauxhall astra 281
Toyota hilux 248
Renault scenic 280
Renault megane 259
Renault laguna 284
Renault clio 226
Peugeot 307 226
Peugeot 206 281
Peugeot 106 283
Nissan micra 215
Mercedes benz 297
Land rover range rover 258
Honda jazz 201
Honda civic 222
Ford transit 273
Ford ranger 248
Ford puma 254
Ford mondeo 238
Ford KA 211
Ford focus 255
Ford fiesta 232
Fiat punto 246
Citroen Xsara picasso 209
Citeron C3 230
BMW 7 series 246
BMW S series 282
Audi A8 268
Audi A4 288
Audi A2 269

What is the worth of your scrap car?

How can you determine how much your car is worth when selling for cash? These are the factors auto experts check while purchasing your car as scrap;

1. Weight

The worth of your scrap car depends on numerous factors; the most important being the weight of your car. When you sell your car as scrap, the recycling industry uses the metals for refurbishing purposes and as such will weigh the car to determine its worth. The heavier your car is, the more money you get for selling it.

2. Model

The model of the car you’re intending to sell also determines how high or low the value. For example, selling the catalytic converter of a Ford F450 will cost between £2200-£2800. However, it will cost less for a lower model. So the model of the car you are intending to sell as scrap will determine how much you get from the sales.

3. Condition of the vehicle

Auto experts love buying scrap cars that have many valuable parts. Check the condition of your car, is it very damaged or still has valuable parts? This will determine how much you get from the sales.

If it still has some parts in good condition, you can choose to use an auto dismantler service and sell the parts differently before giving off the whole chunk as scrap. This way you get more cash than when the car is very damaged.

4. Demand

The law of supply and demand also plays in the scrap car prices in the UK. How high or low you sell your car as scrap is dependent on the period which you want to sell it.

For example, during the coronavirus pandemic, there was a low demand for metal scraps which caused the market to sink. After the pandemic, the market gradually rose and scrap car prices in the UK was becoming higher.

For example, If you sold your car as scrap during the pandemic, you’d definitely get less value than now when its is in high demand.

How to Sell your car as scrap in the UK

Getting cash for your old car is very easy when you get a good car scrapping service. Once you have made the decision to sell your car as scrap, you would need to contact the services of the people involved. There are numerous junk yards in the UK and their addresses and contact are available.

After you have had a meeting with an expert in any junkyard of your choice, they will now check to determine its worth. The weight of scrap metals, model, condition and some other factors will determine how much they buy the car.

After agreement is made on the price, a collector will arrive at the car’s location and tow it to their junkyard while they process your payment.

Final words on the Scrap car prices in the UK 2022

Getting cash off your old car can be a soothing relief. You have been looking for wars to dispose off the car but now you have found how to even get cash from it in the UK!

This guide has explained the car scrapping process as well as the scrap car prices in the UK 2022. Now you go ahead and get cash from your vehicle!

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