Hills Salvage Auction and Recycling UK Ltd: All to Know

Hills salvage auction and recycling UK ltd is an excellent recycling company in the United Kingdom that deals in recycling services like vehicle dismantling, car auction, car scrapping, etc.

They’re one of the industry leaders in the UK when it comes to car breaking. Quality is their motto as they ensure you get high-quality standards for every business you do with them. Here is a detailed review of the Hills salvage auction and recycling UK ltd Company, as well as the services you get from them.


Over 50 years ago, Hills began as a body shop with a garage forecourt. During the past few years, our business has grown tremendously, first in Burscough, then in East Gillibrands, Skelmersdale, which is located right off the M58.

In 1997, we started delivering parts, and in 1998, we added a mail-order component to their business. They are now one of the UK’s largest and most specialized recycling services. Moving to a massive 11-acre site in Skelmersdale only serves to reinforce that point. It also serves to redefine what it means to be a professional in Britain’s salvage and recycling industry.

They supply recycled parts throughout the UK, Europe, and the world to both the trade and the general public. In addition, as a long-standing member of the National Salvage Group, they can offer (NSG). As an authorized treatment center and recycler of End of Life Vehicles, they also work closely with some of the largest insurance carriers in the UK.

Location and contact

Hills salvage auction and recycling UK is located at Gerrard pl, Skelmersdale WN8, 9SU, UK. Their contact is +41 1695 455777 and their official email is webmaster@hills-motors.co.uk. Their website is https://parts.hills-motors.co.uk/

Services they offer

Hills salvage auction and recycling UK is an all-around company that focuses on recycling. They do not just scrap your car but also offer other services like car auction, breaking, and selling of spare parts of wheels. Here are the services they offer:

1. Car auction

One of the services offered by Hills salvage auction and recycling UK is Car auctioning. Auction is the business process where one put up an item for sale to the highest bidder.

In this scenario, Hills salvage auction and recycling UK have a section where they put up different kinds of car brands and the number of items they have for auction.

They have many dealers like Synetiq, Reclamet, MBS, Brentwood auto parts, DIY motor, etc. Each has allocated auction time and the number of vehicles they want to auction. Ensure you go with a professional to assess the quality of the car you intend to buy.

2. Selling of car parts

Professionals who are experts in car revamping do use spare parts from other cars to couple theirs and as a result, selling car spare parts is a good business. On Hills salvage auction and recycling UK ltd website, they have a section where you can buy spare parts of your choice. The search feature comes in handy for easy navigation of parts. They have a Gearbox, rear light, suspension, and boost liner just name them!

3. Car scrapping

Do you have an old car and are willing to get cash from it? Then you can sell your car as scrap to Hills salvage auction and recycling UK. They offer a stress-free, fast car scrapping service. Simply put the car’s registration and postcode into their platform, accept the offer and they’d come and take your vehicle away while processing payment to you.

4. Car breaking

Car breaking involves dismantling cars into parts. This service is most important to scrap yards that sell auto spare parts. If you also want to dismantle your car into parts, the Hills salvage ltd is a good choice.

5. Wheels and Tires sales

Hills salvage auction and recycling UK ltd sell wheels and tires too. If you are looking for low-budget wheels to replace your damaged ones, then contact Hill’s salvage company. They have different brands of tires as well a user-friendly interface to filter the tires according to model and width.

Review of Hills salvage Pros

According to the majority of reviews from Google, here are the pros and cons of using Hills salvage and recycling auto UK ltd.


  • Efficient staff
  • Fast delivery
  • Amazing customer service


  • Poor car auction service

 Conclusion on Hills salvage and auto recycling UK ltd

Do you need any auto recycling services such as car dismantling, or scrapping? Then visiting a recycling center is a good way to get the job done! The Hills salvage and auto recycling UK ltd is the epitome of success in the recycling business in the UK. Now you can go ahead and contact their services.

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