Top Car Breaker Yards in London

Knowing the top car breaker yards in London is very essential if you want to dismantle your vehicle into parts and sell it for cash. Scrapping a car for cash can be done in several ways; it can be sold as it is, dismantled and sold by parts, or as scrap metal.

Selling by parts is very lucrative if your car is in good condition. However, where is the best place to dismantle your cars into parts in London? Here is a detailed guide to the top car breaker yards in London.

Top Car Breaker yards in London

1. Dunnford street car dismantlers and breakers Ltd

Are you searching for excellent car breaker yards in London? Then the Dunnford street car dismantlers is a great choice! They’ve been in the recycling business for many years where their focus is on helping the environment through car dismantling and recycling.

They also offer competitive prices when you want to sell your car as scrap. After dismantling, they will test the spare parts before sending them back to you. Their address is at 2 Dunnford street, South tottenham, London NIS 5NQ, United Kingdom and their website is

2. Wembley car breakers

Wembley car breakers offer not only car dismantling services but also vehicle recycling, spare parts, part finding and extracting, scrap yard service, sale of second hand cars and many more. Customers who have used their service attest to their competitive scrap prices and friendly customer service. You can locate their service at 122 Mount Pleasant, Wembley HAO IUG, United Kingdom, and their website is

3. Howe R

Another top car breaker yards in London to visit for your car dismantling needs is Howe R. They are located at 6-40 Durnford street, London NIS 5NQ, United Kingdom. They have over 10 years of experience in car dismantling and are a good dealer of car spare parts.

4. London auto parts

London auto parts service is another car breaker yard in London you can trust to handle all your car dismantling needs. They collect your car, salvage and pay you for scrapping. Customers who have used their service praised their helpful staff, friendly customer care service and quick delivery. They also offer scrap car collection and all scrap yard services. Their location is at Alperton lane, Wembley HAO, IDX, United Kingdom and their website is

5. London scrap car collection

London scrap car collection is a highly rated and good car breaker yard in London. They’re quick in service and also friendly in customer service. Asides car breaking, they also offer free scrap collection that is they will come to your residence and pick up your old and abandoned scrap without collecting cash. Their address is at Thurston road, London SE13, 5Hq, United Kingdom.

6. Apex car breakers Ltd

With over a decade in the car breaking business, the Apex car breakers ltd is a good choice to dismantle your car in London. They have car specialists who are well committed to ensure your old cars are dismantled into parts as you desire. Their location is at the Georges lane, off Ellesmer Avenue NW7 3EX, United Kingdom and their website is

7. KCB scrap car and van collection

If you are looking for a car breaker yard in London as well as where to sell scrap cars, then you should consider the KCB scrap car yard. You can locate their service at 120 Rochdate road, London SE2, OUR, United Kingdom and their website is


Very knowledgeable in car dismantling and spare parts is the Breakeryard located at Unit 1, 330-348 Uphall road, 11 Ford 1G1 2JJ, United Kingdom. They are also very quick in delivery and accurate in part finding.

9. AJL recycling

Another service that fall in the list of the car breaker yards in London is AJL recycling located in Coopers road, Eastmoor street, London SE7, 8LX, UK. Customers praise their service for friendly customer service as well as efficiency in carrying out car breaking jobs.

10. Vauxhall spares and repairs

Reviews from customer who have used Vauxhall spares and repairs services all attest that they are very fast in car breaking, provide helpful service, have friendly staff, and reasonably priced. They are one of your to-go car breaker yards in London. You can locate their services at 84-88 Elmer road, London SE6, 2NL, United Kingdom.

Conclusion on the top car breaker yards in London

Getting your car dismantled into parts very quickly and with expertise can be achieved when you engage the services of a professional. In this guide, we have detailed the top 10 car breaker yards in London as well as their addresses so you can check them out yourself. Now go ahead and get cash off your old car.

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