Scrap Lead Prices

Prices last updated 9th January, 2024


£1.02 - £1.12

per kg

Lead is another metal which is very rarely found within anybody's home, many types of industry or actually in scrap yards either. It is, after all, well regarded as being the rarest form of commonly traded types of scrap metal. Consequently the scrap lead prices across the majority of the United Kingdom are high for much of the year. This trend has persisted over the past 20 years and doesn't look to be changing any time soon. This is fueled by a high demand for the metal in some really niche industries and a distinct lack of recycling. Lead is quite difficult to separate out from other types of metal and it is often found as a type of metal alloy. Once it is in this form, it is quite tricky to remove it. If you have some lead, you will be aware that it is quite heavy, this is due to it being a very dense type of metal. It is by far the densest of all scrap metals and so, combined with its high prices, you really do only need a small amount of it to make some good money.

Scrap Lead