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Stainless Steel£0.91£91023/11/2020

Scrap metal prices in the United Kingdom are often difficult to distinguish because they are continually changing based upon the demand in any one city. Often websites report the prices for London alone and ignore the rest of the UK, however in most instances we find that this is a very poor approximation. Scrap metal demand varies based upon local inaccessibility to specific types of metal (e.g. copper), or lack of trade routes to these regions for metal which cannot be mined locally. As a result, we feel that it is important to provide prices for all of the major cities. We have achieved this by contacting a significant number of local scrap yards for each city and averaging their prices, these are then updated daily. Please find the list of cities which we provide prices for in England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales, below:

Current Scrap Copper Prices UK

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Scrap copper is one of the more valuable forms of metal traded with scrap yards or dealers in the UK, despite it being relatively common. The demand for copper is always high and there is not enough of it found naturally in the UK. As a consequence, the prices remain high for large portions of the country throughout the whole year and prices for some high quality copper can exceed £5 per kilo, or £5000 per tonne.

Scrap copper prices are, as you can see from the pricing table above, higher for the cleaner copper variants (copper wire, for example). This is ultimately because the scrap yards will not have to process this metal very much and they can recycle it or sell it off very quickly. What you need to take away from this article is that it is important to remove all unnecessary pieces of metal, plastic or other materials from your scrap copper. If you do this and save the dealer some time, then the fee you will receive will be much higher. We also recommend reading up about the different types of grading that is given to pieces of scrap copper. Some grades are worth considerably more than others and so it is worth seeking this out, this will ensure that you get an optimal amount of money for your scrap copper.

Copper can be found in many different places throughout the household and in many businesses too. The most common locations for finding some is undoubtedly old style boilers. These were almost exclusively made out of copper and so this makes up a large proportion of what is sold as scrap copper today. Other places where you can find copper includes cylinders, fittings, joints, pipes and tanks. Many old pieces of electronic equipment are great places to look for copper; computers, hairdryers, microwaves, heaters and basically anything else too. The hardest bit about selling scrap copper is taking apart the components that have it within them. If you are keen on learning more about scrap copper, click the link below for more information.

Scrap Copper Prices UK

Current Scrap Aluminium Prices UK

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Scrap aluminium is relatively cheap compared to some of the other types of scrap metal. Aluminium prices, for most scrap yards in the UK, tend to vary between £0.50 per kilo and £2. This is equivalent to £500 to £2000 per tonne of scrap aluminium. While aluminium is a very commonly used metal in almost all industries, there is no shortage of supply from within the country and via major shipping lanes from Europe and the rest of the world. Unfortunately, the abundance of aluminium has pushed its price right down throughout almost all parts of the UK and this is unlikely to change at any point soon. Over the past 15 years, the price of aluminium has remained relatively stable when taking in to account inflation. Consequently, unless there is suddenly a huge spike in demand for the metal, or a lull in the supply, scrap aluminium prices are likely to remain as they are today.

Scrap aluminium prices, in much the same way as the copper prices described in the previous section, are much higher for the clean variants. Some examples of “clean” aluminium include wire, beams or sheets. If you manage to get your hands on any clean aluminium, make sure that you retain this as it is substantially more valuable than anything which is mixed. Conversely, if you have mixed aluminium, then you should spend some time removing all of the other pieces of scrap from it to boost its price potential. This logic applies to all types of scrap metal, by doing this you can see prices increase by as much as 50% at an average dealer. Aluminium is also graded, however it is not done in the same way as copper, instead it is typically done on a percentage purity basis.

As aluminium and copper are the most commonly recycled pieces of metal, it is very easy to source within the home or in many types of industrial settings too. You will be able to source aluminium for scrapping in the UK from heating or cooling units, natural gas or plumbing pipes, electrical wiring, a wide away of frames (doors or windows) and many more locations too.

Current Scrap Iron Prices UK

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Scrap iron prices are also fairly low at the moment and haven’t averaged out above the £1 per kilo or £1000 per tonne mark for almost 5 years now. The cause of this price recession for the metal is unknown, however it is likely due to either a drop in demand or increase in supply. In all of the scrap yards across the country, only a small handful were actively seeking out additional supplies of iron for their manufacturers. 

Current Scrap Steel Prices UK

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