Birmingham Scrap Metal Prices

Birmingham is one of the United Kingdom’s largest cities and so it has a number of large businesses who require metal salvaged from scrap metal recycling centres. This huge demand for metal drives the prices up above the UK’s average prices across every month of the year. It can be difficult to find a scrap metal yard who isn’t buying at an inflated price because there is such a large degree of competition in the city. We have visited over 20 dealers in Birmingham and have pulled together a long list of their prices to find the best ones. In our opinion, these are the finest recycling facilities in Birmingham where you will find great scrap metal prices; Bridge Metals Birmingham Ltd (4 Landor Street), OneStop Recycling Ltd (253 Bordesley Green Road) and H W Taroni Metals Ltd (Aston Church Road). These are open every day of the week and typically close between 4pm and 5pm. If you are keen on receiving a good amount of money for your scrap metal, then you should choose one of these locations to trade it in. Birmingham has a large supplier of copper within the city and so prices for copper are often lower than the national average. Conversely, there is a real shortage of aluminium and iron and so if you have some of these metals then you should aim to sell it immediately while they are peaking. Generally the prices in the UK are at their highest in the winter months and their lowest between May and September.

Current Scrap Metal Prices in Birmingham

Scrap MetalPrice Per KiloPrice Per TonneUpdated
Stainless Steel£0.6£60029/09/2020