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Scrap Copper Prices

Prices last updated 20th January, 2022

Bare Bright Copper

£4.02 - £4.45

per kg

Copper 1

£3.65 - £4.03

per kg

Copper 2

£3.47 - £3.84

per kg

Copper Tanks

£3.41 - £3.77

per kg

Braziery Copper

£2.95 - £3.26

per kg

Insulated Wire 1

£1.63 - £1.80

per kg

Insulated Wire 2

£1.23 - £1.36

per kg

Scrap Copper

Copper is currently the most frequently traded form of scrap metal in the United Kingdom. You can find scrap yards who are looking to purchase this metal up and down the country at ease. Scrap copper prices are always fluctuating and so it is important to consider this before rushing off to your local dealer at the scrap yard. The other main things for you to consider are the weight of the copper, the grading of it and the demand for the metal in your local area. It is possible to find copper which can be scrapped in a number of locations, whether you are situated in a household or at work. The most common locations to find copper include; old water heaters or coolers, televisions, monitors, computers, laptops, refrigerators, freezers, hair dryers, washing machines, dish washers, coffee machines, fans, blenders, toasters, telephones, cameras, handheld games, consoles and much more. Copper is most commonly found as insulated wire and this sells for a very good price per kilo.

Scrap Copper

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