EMR UK: How to Sell Scrap Vehicles and Metals

Knowing how to sell scrap vehicles and metals to EMR UK can be a good way to get cash. Asides from that, you are helping the environment by preventing land pollution and global warming.

It is very advisable to sell those scraps directly to recycling companies as you are certain your scrap is going to be recycled for new materials.

One trusted scrap recycling company in the United Kingdom to use is the EMR. They’re very popular and have been in the business since 1994 recycling old metals and cars. Here is a detailed guide to selling scrap vehicles and metals to EMR UK.

What is EMR?

EMR means European Metal Recycling. They are a global scrap recycling company that deals with buying and selling of metals and vehicles. Since its establishment in 1994 by Phillip Sheppard, it has since developed into a big company providing outstanding recycling services in the UK and the world at large. They buy all sorts of scrap metals like cables, copper, batteries, lead, nickel, etc. However, before you head to their office, ensure to know the materials that are unacceptable as we will discuss below.

What type of scrap does EMR buy?

Ferrous metal

Ferrous metals contain iron and steel. If you have any metal that falls in this category, then you can sell it to EMR. Examples of things containing iron include; cars, bikes, washing machines, large machines, tractors, manufacturing machines, etc.

Non-ferrous metals

These kinds of metals do not contain iron or steel. Examples of non-ferrous metals to sell to EMR UK include brass, zinc, electric motors, cables, aluminium and cans, bronze, nickel, stainless steel, titanium, alloy wheels from cars, etc. These metals have their individual scrap prices in the UK which varies from time to time.

Scrap Vehicles

If you have an old vehicle in your driveway, you can get rid of them by selling it as scrap. EMR owns one of the biggest networks of Authorised Treatment Facilities (ATF) which are employed to take care of old cars and ensure they’re recycled into useful materials.

Catalytic converters

A catalytic converter is a mechanical device that is in a car’s system, mostly around the exhaust which helps to reduce the emission of dangerous gases into the atmosphere. This machine is super valuable and costs a lot due to the precious metals they come with; platinum, vanadium, and palladium. If you have any converter scrap, the best place to sell them is to EMR because they offer competitive prices and pay quickly.

Household appliances

If you have any damaged large household appliances like washing machines, dishwashers, tumblers and cookers, the best way to dispose of them is to sell them to EMR UK as they accept them and will pay you a good price.

Other Accepted things to sell to EMR include:

  • Fridges and refrigerator
  • Kettles
  • Printers
  • Electrical toys
  • Toasters

Things not to sell to EMR UK

There are some things you cannot sell to EMR, though they contain scrap metals. This is because they consider them very personal items which remain your property. Some are not accepted because they are not in line with their environmental permissions. Here are the prohibited items at EMR UK:

  • Beer kegs/casks
  • Dairy trolleys
  • Gas cylinders
  • Shopping trolleys
  • Polychlorinated biphenyls
  • Chlorofluorocarbons
  • Radioactive containers
  • Asbestos

Guide on How to Sell Scrap vehicles and metals to EMR UK

Go to an EMR yard

As you know, the EMR is an international metal recycling company with branches in different countries. However, in the United Kingdom, there are over 60 yards to which you can get their services. The first step to selling scrap vehicles and metals is to locate an EMR UK yard around you. If you have a collection of scraps for sale, you should contact them as they offer some assistance in the transport process.

Register an account

The business means between you and EMR is through their online platform. So you should register an account with them. You can do this online or physically when you go to their scrap yard. To make the process a success, you will need to come with a registration ID and proof of address if need be.

Determining scrap value and price

Next, the EMR team will try to know the worth of your scrap vehicles and metals. They do this mostly by weighing and calculating their set scrap metal prices in the UK. They also use magnets to differentiate between ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

Determining vehicle value and price

Selling an old car as scrap to EMR UK is easy and profitable. You will need to provide the V5C registration document. In some cases, it is not necessary for scrapping.

Receiving your payment

EMR UK offers one of the best prices for scrap metals. Immediately, their team have determined the worth and you have agreed on it, you will receive payment directly into your bank account quickly. You can also get cheque cashing if you want providing you have your valid ID and complete a registration form.

Final words on how to sell scrap vehicles and metals to EMR UK

Stop losing money by leaving your old vehicles and metals to rot away in your house. You can sell them to EMR UK- one of the best metal recycling companies in the United Kingdom. Use the guide as explained above and you’d do just fine.


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