Belfast Scrap Metal Prices

Belfast has the biggest population of all of the cities in Northern Ireland, as a result of this it is also one of the best places to be involved in the trading of scrap metals. Belfast has some of the highest scrap metal prices, not only in Northern Ireland, but in the whole United Kingdom. Scrap metal prices are driven by the demand of specific metals on a regional basis. Fortunately for those who live in Northern Ireland, there is still a fair amount of dependency on scrap metal trading to fund the metal requirements of businesses in various cities. The metals which are in the highest demand throughout Belfast for much of the year are steel and lead. This is quite a strange combination, however the rest of the metals are readily available as a consequence of the transport links from the rest of Ireland and the mainland United Kingdom. If you come across a sizeable stash of these metals, then you should be aware that you have the potential to make some serious cash. It is indeed possible to make many thousands of pounds from a tonne of either of these metals. Additionally, if you also have some copper, aluminium or iron then you can also do the same. While the prices are certainly lower for these metals, they are still in demand in Belfast and so it is definitely worth keeping ahold of them to take to a local scrap metal dealer or scrap yard. There are a number of fantastic scrap yards in and around the city and so you should have no difficulty in shifting the metal either. The best ones are Clearway – Belfast (East Twin Road), P Kane Metals (43 Shiels Street) and Beyond Repair (172c Tates Avenue).

Current Scrap Metal Prices in Belfast

Scrap MetalPrice Per KiloPrice Per TonneUpdated
Stainless Steel£0.13£13003/12/2020