Bradford Scrap Metal Prices

Bradford is a very populous city, however despite this there is a real shortage in scrap metal traders living there. The effect that this has on Bradford’s scrap metal prices is that they are massively inflated. The city has a number of additional features that also contribute to it being a fantastic city to be involved in the scrap metal business. Firstly, the city has a great central location, with good road and air links and so it is ultimately easy to get metal in and out of it. Bradford has the highest prices for scrap copper in the whole United Kingdom and so if you have a supply of this then it’s definitely recommended to start selling it locally. Of the various scrap metal yards in the city, the ones which consistently had the highest prices for the most commonly traded types of scrap were; EMR Bradford (Planetrees Road – 01274 663681), R-T-B Scrap Yards Bradford (No Address – 07542 991146) and Dick Lane Metals (264 Dick Lane – 01274 666401). Each of these recycling facilities closes between 5pm and 8pm on a weekday, please check their respective websites or call up them using the provided numbers for additional information. Furthermore, if you want to check their prices for the day, it’s worthwhile calling the scrap dealers personally as they do vary on an hourly basis. As I mentioned above, Bradford is a great place to be selling scrap metal and so if you take your collection to these scrap recycling centres then you are likely to get a great deal for your metal.

Current Scrap Metal Prices in Bradford

Scrap MetalPrice Per KiloPrice Per TonneUpdated
Stainless Steel£0.47£47003/12/2020