Brighton Scrap Metal Prices

There are many places where it is possible for people to buy or sell scrap metal in Brighton and Hove. Most of these locations are scrap yards and scrap metal recycling centres. You can find these outside the city, there aren’t many available close to the centre of the town. There are a few situated to the east of Kemptown and North of Hove. The yards which had Brighton’s highest scrap metal prices were; Geo. E. Richardson & Sons Ltd (53 New England Street – 01273 570246), Aaron Motors (Waldron Place, 3 Waldron Avenue – 07810 436844) and Harpnard Limited (150 Elm Grove – 07787 449399). Most of these locations had scrap copper and aluminium prices far exceeding the local and national average. This makes them prime locations for trading metal locally and so we would highly recommend them to amateur and professional scrappers alike. You can make a living by selling the more commonly sought after materials in Brighton and Hove, it can be difficult to do this in some other regions of the country, particularly the north where there are more scrap recycling centres. Generally, the further south you go (and Brighton is at the southernmost tip of the country), the more viable selling metal to dealers is as a way of life. The metals which tend to fetch the most revenue are aluminium, brass, bronze, copper, iron, lead and a few other types of rarer earth metals. In reality, it’s quite easy to sell any metal variant to a scrap yard and so you should definitely enquire about an items value before discarding it.

Current Scrap Metal Prices in Brighton

Scrap MetalPrice Per KiloPrice Per TonneUpdated
Stainless Steel£0.47£47029/09/2020