Scrap Aluminium Prices UK [2024 Updated]

Aluminium Extruded

£0.84 – £0.92

Aluminium Cast

£0.50 – £0.55

Aluminium Turnings

£0.21 – £0.23

Scrap Aluminium

Aluminium is traded extremely frequently throughout the United Kingdom and it is almost certainly the second most popular form of scrap metal. While scrap aluminium prices are definitely a step down from what they are with copper, it is still possible to make a good amount of money with it. This is largely because copper is a lot more scarce and is infrequently used in large quantities, conversely aluminium is used in very large quantities in so many different settings. As a result, you will often see manufacturers and individuals selling huge quantities of the metal to local scrap yards and dealers in the UK. The pricing of aluminium is usually quite stable and low, but sometimes it is known to spike, albeit relatively infrequently. If you are keen to find some scrap aluminium, your best bet is to probably search around old warehouses or factories for pieces of machinery which are no longer being used. These represent a huge opportunity to recycle the metal and get a decent amount of money for free. Obviously we do indeed advocate asking the owners of these locations to scout around for some metal to send to be scrapped, it is illegal to do this otherwise. We wouldn’t want any of our readers getting into any trouble by obtaining some scrap aluminum without following the rules of the land.