Newcastle Scrap Metal Prices

Newcastle upon Tyne and Gateshead are two cities which have a number of great scrap metal recycling yards. These tend to offer prices which align with the national average and so it is a good place to make some extra money. The businesses along the river Tyne are continually demanding more of the regularly scrapped pieces of metal and so it is so the prices across the city’s various recycling centres are propped up for months at a time. There has occasionally been a lull in the demand for certain types of scrap metal (aluminium, copper, iron and steel are the most commonly traded types of metal), however this hasn’t happened for a few years and so it is a fantastic time to get involved. As I mentioned previously, there are many different scrap metal dealers in Newcastle and Gateshead, these are spread across a large area, typically along the river Tyne. You will find a lot of locations in Blaydon, Winlaton, Dunston, Low Fell, Arthurs Hill, Gosforth and of course in Gateshead itself. The highest scrap metal prices in Newcastle are generally found in places situated on the river itself. Our top locations include Jebb Metals Newcastle Ltd (Station Road), Ward Bros Steel Ltd (Quality Row), EMR Blaydon (Whiteley Road) and C & R Grieveson (Station Road). There are many other places which can compete with their pricing, however these centres will accept all types of metal and so they are likely to satisfy your metal recycling (and financial!) needs.

Current Scrap Metal Prices in Newcastle

Prices last updated 28th May, 2024

Price per Kilo
Bare Bright Copper
£4.10 - £4.54
Copper 1
£3.72 - £4.11
Copper 2
£3.54 - £3.91
Copper Tanks
£3.48 - £3.84
Braziery Copper
£3.01 - £3.33
Insulated Wire 1
£1.67 - £1.84
Insulated Wire 2
£1.25 - £1.39
Aluminium Extruded
£0.85 - £0.94
Aluminium Cast
£0.51 - £0.56
Aluminium Turnings
£0.21 - £0.23
Clean Brass
£2.44 - £2.69
Mixed Brass
£2.04 - £2.26
Stainless Steel 3/6
£0.85 - £0.94
Stainless Steel 18/8
£0.62 - £0.68
£1.04 - £1.15
PB Battery
£0.43 - £0.48
Electric Motors
£0.27 - £0.29
White Goods
£0.14 - £0.15