Manchester Scrap Metal Prices

Manchester is another one of our preferred locations to buy and sell scrap metal in the United Kingdom. Firstly, there is a lot of different scrap yards within the area encompassed by the M60 (Greater Manchester). Secondly, almost all of these scrap yards are willing to accept a wide range of different types of scrap too. We found that it was very easy to part with most types of ferrous and non-ferrous scrap metal, the prices quoted by most yards in the area were very competitive too. Unlike in the rest of the United Kingdom, the scrap metal prices in Manchester are all fairly in line across the various dealers. Our preferred options in Manchester were Singleton’s Scrap Metal, Greengate Metals, Kayes, A3 Scrap Metal Collections and Bill Howarth Scrap Metal. All of these recycling centres had great prices and a stand out customer service to match. We find that the customer service element to all transactions plays a really big part in our decisions on where to go. Many scrap yards will solely deal with large orders only and so people wanting to make a small amount of cash by recycling things from the home are often overlooked. This isn’t great if you have driven a long way to sell some scrap metal and so we rate places down on this. Fortunately, we didn’t come across any facilities in Manchester who treated us that way. The best locations for selling scrap in the city are; around Trafford Park, Chorley, Withington, Rusholme, Levenshulme, Hulme, Moston, Prestwich and Pendlebury.

Current Scrap Metal Prices in Manchester

Prices last updated 28th May, 2024

Price per Kilo
Bare Bright Copper
£4.18 - £4.62
Copper 1
£3.79 - £4.19
Copper 2
£3.61 - £3.99
Copper Tanks
£3.54 - £3.92
Braziery Copper
£3.07 - £3.39
Insulated Wire 1
£1.70 - £1.88
Insulated Wire 2
£1.28 - £1.41
Aluminium Extruded
£0.87 - £0.96
Aluminium Cast
£0.52 - £0.58
Aluminium Turnings
£0.21 - £0.24
Clean Brass
£2.48 - £2.74
Mixed Brass
£2.08 - £2.30
Stainless Steel 3/6
£0.87 - £0.96
Stainless Steel 18/8
£0.63 - £0.70
£1.06 - £1.17
PB Battery
£0.44 - £0.49
Electric Motors
£0.27 - £0.30
White Goods
£0.14 - £0.16