Sheffield Scrap Metal Prices

Sheffield is known for its metal dealings historically, however in recent years (and decades), it has had a notable shortage of locally sourced metals. As a consequence, a lot of metal used in its industry is sourced from people selling their scrap metal and businesses recycling it so that it can be re-used. The best places to find scrap yards, from a purely price perspective, are Rotherham, Neepsend, Crookesmoor, Sharrow, Highfield, Nether Eedge, Meersbrook, Heeley, Woodseats and around the centre of Sheffield too. We thought that Sheffield had a really good offering in terms of scrap yards willing to accept a full range of ferrous and non-ferrous metals. The ones we liked the most were DAC Steels Scrap Yard Sheffield, Millthorpe Metals Recycling Ltd, EMR Sheffield Attercliffe and Paul’s Scrap Yards. There were so many different vendors to choose from and so it was particularly difficult to pick our recommendations out. The most easily tradeable metals in Sheffield were of course copper and aluminium. We also managed to shift a considerable quantity (500kg) of lead and so there are ample opportunities to make money from scrap in the city. Sheffield’s scrap metal prices are about the same as the national average (which you can view on our homepage) and so it’s not really worth leaving the city to trade it in our honest opinion.

Current Scrap Metal Prices in Sheffield

Prices last updated 28th May, 2024

Price per Kilo
Bare Bright Copper
£4.22 - £4.67
Copper 1
£3.83 - £4.23
Copper 2
£3.64 - £4.03
Copper Tanks
£3.58 - £3.96
Braziery Copper
£3.10 - £3.42
Insulated Wire 1
£1.71 - £1.89
Insulated Wire 2
£1.29 - £1.43
Aluminium Extruded
£0.88 - £0.97
Aluminium Cast
£0.53 - £0.58
Aluminium Turnings
£0.22 - £0.24
Clean Brass
£2.51 - £2.77
Mixed Brass
£2.10 - £2.33
Stainless Steel 3/6
£0.88 - £0.97
Stainless Steel 18/8
£0.64 - £0.70
£1.07 - £1.18
PB Battery
£0.45 - £0.49
Electric Motors
£0.27 - £0.30
White Goods
£0.14 - £0.16