Hull Scrap Metal Prices

Hull is a city which has a wide range of availability for people looking to sell scrap metal locally, the prices for scrap metal in Hull are also very good in comparison to some other northern regions of the UK. You will be able to find scrap yards all the way along the river Humber, however the best locations to find some in are Hessle, Paull, Anlaby, Willerby, Bilton, Preston, Hedon and Thorngumbald. In any of these localities there are often more than 1 scrap recycling centres and so it really isn’t difficult to sell metal here. The most popular sites are Sims Metal Management, Lord & Midgley, Humberside Reclamation Ltd, EMR Hull and Bassetts of Hull. Scrap metal prices in the city do seem to change quite a lot, and this is fairly typical for much of the north. Unfortunately demand for the businesses based along the Humber does vary from week to week and so it is notoriously difficult to pin down what you can expect to receive. Fortunately for you, we update our pricing table for Hull’s scrap metal prices on a daily basis and so all you need to do is query what they are and we will advise you. We strongly recommend that you call a number of different scrap yards before visiting them so that you can confirm a price before visiting them with all of your material. This will save yourself a lot of time and potential heartache.

Current Scrap Metal Prices in Hull

Prices last updated 28th May, 2024

Price per Kilo
Bare Bright Copper
£4.10 - £4.54
Copper 1
£3.72 - £4.11
Copper 2
£3.54 - £3.91
Copper Tanks
£3.48 - £3.84
Braziery Copper
£3.01 - £3.33
Insulated Wire 1
£1.67 - £1.84
Insulated Wire 2
£1.25 - £1.39
Aluminium Extruded
£0.85 - £0.94
Aluminium Cast
£0.51 - £0.56
Aluminium Turnings
£0.21 - £0.23
Clean Brass
£2.44 - £2.69
Mixed Brass
£2.04 - £2.26
Stainless Steel 3/6
£0.85 - £0.94
Stainless Steel 18/8
£0.62 - £0.68
£1.04 - £1.15
PB Battery
£0.43 - £0.48
Electric Motors
£0.27 - £0.29
White Goods
£0.14 - £0.15