Portsmouth Scrap Metal Prices

As you will see on the table below, Portsmouth’s scrap metal prices are very high. Most scrap yards will also inflate their prices if you are selling a large quantity of metal too. It is almost always better to sell per tonne, as opposed to per kilo. The best places in Portsmouth to sell scrap metal are Fareham, Gosport, Fratton, Hilsea, Titchfield, Cosham, Portchester and Portchester. We sampled a number of different scrap yards found within these areas and believe that our favourites are H&S Metals (Prospect Road), EMR Portsmouth (Dundas Spur), AR Metal Recycling, Tilbury Metals Ltd (Old Reservoir Road) and Scrap Clearance Portsmouth (Randolph Road). We are of course aware that it is possible to get higher prices for scrap metal at some of the smaller facilities in the area, however we prefer to work with industrial standard dealers. Scrap metal prices in Portsmouth are higher than the national average (UK) for most of the year, as is the case in many of the south coast cities, Portsmouth sees a drop-off in prices throughout the mid-summer months (June, July and August), however there is often a recovery in the winter months. The demand in the UK is not the only thing that drives the pricing in Portsmouth, there are various links to France and the rest of Europe due to it being a port-based city. Therefore the demand for certain types of scrap metal are also influenced by prices in these countries too.

Current Scrap Metal Prices in Portsmouth

Prices last updated 28th May, 2024

Price per Kilo
Bare Bright Copper
£3.82 - £4.22
Copper 1
£3.47 - £3.83
Copper 2
£3.30 - £3.64
Copper Tanks
£3.24 - £3.58
Braziery Copper
£2.80 - £3.10
Insulated Wire 1
£1.55 - £1.71
Insulated Wire 2
£1.17 - £1.29
Aluminium Extruded
£0.79 - £0.88
Aluminium Cast
£0.48 - £0.53
Aluminium Turnings
£0.20 - £0.22
Clean Brass
£2.27 - £2.51
Mixed Brass
£1.90 - £2.10
Stainless Steel 3/6
£0.79 - £0.88
Stainless Steel 18/8
£0.58 - £0.64
£0.97 - £1.07
PB Battery
£0.40 - £0.45
Electric Motors
£0.25 - £0.27
White Goods
£0.13 - £0.14