Silverlake Automotive Recycling and Scrapyard Southampton

This is a detailed review of Silverlake automotive recycling and scrapyard Southampton. We will explore all what the company is about, the services they offer, benefits and consequences of their services.

History of Silverlake automotive recycling and scrap yard Southampton

For more than half a century, Silverlake has been a family-owned business run by Norman Prebble’s son, Allen Prebble.
Silverlake since its establishment in 1946, is still run as a family business.

It provides a variety of services to customers, including the collection and disposal of total loss vehicles for insurance companies, the supply of recycled parts to body shops and garages as well as consumers, the collection and disposal of abandoned vehicles for the police and public sector organizations and the sale of salvaged vehicles.

In 1946, the company had three employees, a recovery truck, and worked out of the family’s backyard shed. There are 121 employees at Silverlake, making it a major employer in Hampshire.

A fleet of 24 vehicle transporters and six delivery vans operate out of a 10 acre Southampton facility. What hasn’t changed over the past 75 years is the family’s commitment to quality and customer service.

Services offered by Silverlake recycling company

Silverlake is one of the top leaders in the recycling business in the United kingdom. Here are the services they offer:

1. Car salvage

Silverlake is home to experts in auto salvaging. With over 150 salvaged vehicles for sale in Sheffield near Southampton, you’re sure to get the one you want. They offer damage cars for sale, repairable cars, insurance write offs, faulty cars and second hand card.

On their website is a friendly user interface that allows you screen their collection for the ideal car. You can also sell your old car to them.

2. Car breakers

If you’re looking for one of the top car breaker yards in the UK, the Silverlake is one of the best choices out there. Presently, over 1300 vehicles undergo breaking every day. Are you looking at removing parts from your junk car? Then you should try out their car breaking services. They’ve got two options for customers: full service where experts do the job for you, and self service where you do it yourself.

3. Car parts

Silverlake is one of the top places to search for car spare parts. For auto enthusiasts looking for any car part, you are sure to find them in this company. Once you contact their service, youd receive the car part thr next working day. Their platform is also user friendly showing over 200 car parts and their prices. It’s also super ways to make purchases and add items to cart on their platform.

4. Tyres

Silverlake provides one of the best services when it comes to replacing tyres. The best part is that your purchases are at a cheaper rate. What more? You also get them fixed perfectly when you order their service. Their website gives you the freedom to select any type of your chocur and filtering according to width, size and grades.

5. Car auctions

Purchasing a budget-friendly car to serve your transport needs can now get better with Silverlake auctions. They’ve got over 1000 cars online which ste totally free to view. Their auction vehicles arrive from stolen or recovered cars, unrecorded accident damage, local authority contracts, etc.

6. Motorbikes

Silverlake doesn’t only deal with cars and trucks, they now sell motorbike store parts. You can even buy used motorbikes. Everyday their website is updated to give you the best service.d


Silverlake yard is located at Silverlake yard, Row ash, Botlet road, Shedfielf Hampshire, SO32 2HL.

Their website is

Their services are accessible during the following hours:

Monday – Friday: 8:30am – 6pm.
Saturday: 8:30am – 5pm
Sunday: 9:30am – 1pm

Their contact numbers are:

• Vehicle purchase: 01489 772240
• Car parts: 01489 772233
• Salvage: 02380 229999

Silverlake automotive recycling and scrapyard Southampton review


• Good spare parts
• Free delivery
• Easy scrapping service
• Honest and accurate payment of agreed price


• Customer service are at times impatient and unfriendly

Conclusion on Silverlake Automotive recycling and scrapyard in Southampton

If you are looking for one of the best places in the UK to sell your scrap car, buy spare parts, buy and fix tyres, buy an auction car or use a car breaking service, the Silverlake automotive recycling and scrapyard Southampton is a great choice.

In this guide, we have reviewed all about what they do and how you can contact them for their services.


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